Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides

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Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides

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Microsoft Powerpoints. Google Slides An Intro
Donations are a part of utmost businesses’ strategies and frequently can make or break an implicit deal. A good donation can leave an analogous first print, and anything lower can leave your company looking underwhelming.

Microsoft PowerPoint was the original digital-slide donation software, released in 1990, and still stands strong moment. It isn’t the only software on the request presently, still, as multitudinous challenges have surfaced.

Videlicet, Google Slides.

While standalone donation platforms like Prezi do live, utmost businesses use either PowerPoint or Slides full-time, and for good reason. Each is a part of Microsoft and Google’s separate productivity suites, Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace, and provides the most bang for the buck.

The biggest difference between M365 and Workspace is Microsoft’s desktop apps, full of features, compared to Google’s smooth, cooperative, web-grounded immolation. These differences extend to PowerPoint and Slides, as well.

In this post, we’ll explore the differences between PowerPoint and Slides, and how important style you can immolate in the name of collaboration.

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Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides Pricing
Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace are priced per stoner, per month, with different categories of pricing, storehouse, and features.

Microsoft’s desktop apps aren’t available through the company’s Business Basic plan ($ 5/ stoner/ month), so druggies at that position will have to be satisfied with PowerPoint Online.

Meanwhile, every Google Workplace subscription comes with all its web apps. Google doesn’t have downloadable desktop apps, and all must be run out of a web cybersurfer. These web apps are each available for free, but with limited features.

Microsoft offers its desktop apps for as low as$8.25/ stoner/ month, but druggies lose out on other functions like Microsoft Brigades, SharePoint, and Exchange Online under that plan.

As for how important drive storehouse is available across all these subscriptions, see the visual below:

PowerPoint lines can be over to the outside of 100 MB in size, so reaching the high end of your pall storehouse using only PPTX lines would be a feat.

One TB of space on Microsoft’s least precious immolation would be further than enough to house all your slideshows and plenitude further. With just 30 GB on their starter plan, Google’s cheapest immolation may not be enough, but the others will.
The features across both the entire M365 and Workspace suites could break the tie if you’re doubtful, but depending on how much you calculate on slideshow donations, what’s under the hood of each app could make or break that decision.

Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides Features
Slide donations are enough straightforward in their mileage – a direct demonstration of a plan, ideas, or data. While the content itself is important, the style of your slides can get your point across further primarily.

Both platforms support maps and graphs, publishing to PDFs, and linking to outside sources, as well as custom sources, images, and vids.

While Slides have grown its library of templates, PowerPoint has an important deeper library, utmost of which are sharper than what Google has to offer. Eventually, the templates that fit your business are a matter of particular preference, but PowerPoint has numerous further to choose from.

For comparison, Google Slides’templates :

PowerPoint templates:

Both PowerPoint and Slides have third-party templates that are available online.

Still, PowerPoint also has options in the way of robustness and slide transitions, If you want indeed further choice. Microsoft’s immolation indeed allows you to customize your transitions and robustness with different pets, angles, and more. You can indeed draw your own robustness.
With an M365 subscription, PowerPoint Developer will use your title textbook to automatically induce theme suggestions for your donation.

Still, your business needs PowerPoint, If you want the best-looking donations to show to implicit clients. However, you can probably get down with using slides for free, If your donations are substantially internal.
Away from layouts, PowerPoint has other features that set it piecemeal, like the capability to broadcast a donation live by participating in a link. Slides also can not bed audio.

Also, PowerPoint integrates impeccably with the other apps within M365 and is maybe the app with the most to gain from it.
You can fluently move your maps from Excel and tables from Word, displaying them proudly on your slides with little trouble. The high-position templates offered by PowerPoint also allow for custom variations of the rudiments you import from your other Microsoft apps.

To integrate Slides with other Workspace apps, you’ll need to snare some add-ons.
This isn’t to say that Slides doesn’t have an advantage over PowerPoint in some felicitations. The ease-of-access thrives in some areas, like a quick reference companion with keystroke commands that sits at the bottom of your window.

Slides donations can also be exported to PowerPoint, but PowerPoints can not be exported to Slides. Though, if you’ve decided to pay for one, that won’t count as too important.
Introductory functionality with Google Slides gets businesses where they need to go, so long as they don’t mind their donation not standing out. The style and versatility of PowerPoint allow druggies to perfect their donations with the loftiest possible norms.

Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides Collaboration
The operations within Microsoft 365 were erected as an individual, completely formed programs, with the capability of online collaboration added latterly in their life. Meanwhile, Google Workspace was erected with collaboration in mind, leaving some of the heftier features before.

Both immolations can be edited by multiple people coincidently, saving to the named drive nearly presently.

Slides are clearly smoother in numerous respects in comparison to PowerPoint when working online. Not only do updates appear near to real-time on Slides online, but it’s also easier to choose who to partake with and what warrants they have. PowerPoint takes many more clicks for both.

While the online interpretation is great, trying to use Slides offline through the Google Chrome app is a rough experience. The quantum of coffers absorbed by the Chrome cybersurfer itself makes it delicate to efficiently use Slides while not connecting to the internet and causes tremendous pause.

This is where the Microsoft desktop app comes in handy.

The online collaboration of Slides is surely a laddie better than with PowerPoint, and if working together in real-time is a must-have, this might make Slides worth it in the long run.

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Microsoft PowerPoint vs Google Slides The Verdict
The operations across M365 and Workspace can vary in value for each business. Frequently, you can pick and choose what matters to you, and figure out your stylish option.

Maybe further than any app comparison across these two suites, PowerPoint stands well above its contender in relative value. However, your slideshows will look stylish with Microsoft’s immolation, If your company leverages slideshow donations to induce profit.
Your content shouldn’t stand on its own, and if packaged in the most stylish possible way, you can make donations to the coming position. On the negative, if you aren’t selling your sweats via slideshow donations, neither app may be important to you.

IT Support Guys has abused the power of Microsoft 365 since 2008 when it was still called Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), and we’ve continued our cooperation until the present day.
ITSG can get your business migrated to Microsoft 365 with no trouble by giving us a call moment at 855-4IT-GUYS.

Google Slides: The guide

How does Google Slides work?
Then we cover the basics of using Google Slides, from creating a brand new donation all the way to set up the slide master.

Is Google Slides free?
Yes. Google Slides is free to use (along with other G Suite immolations similar as Croakers, Drive, Wastes, and further) as long as you have a Google account – which is also free. This includes web, mobile, and desktop apps. Whilst companies using G Suite can upgrade to a paid interpretation with further business functionality, for the individual stoner the free interpretation offers all the tools they’re likely to need.

Getting Started
Creating a new Slides donation To use Google Slides you need to have a Google account. You can produce one then.

From Google Drive, click New at the top of the left-hand dashboard, and also choose Google Slides> Blank donation. There’s also an option to make your Slides sundeck from a template – we’ll cover that latterly.

Still, simply click the blank template with the else sign beneath Start a new donation in the top leftism of the main runner, If you’re working from the Slides homepage.

Once open, you can brand your new Slides croaker any time by clicking the Unidentified Donation box in the top leftism. So can your collaborators – we’ll introduce them duly latterly.

Adding, removing, and hiding slides
To add a new blank slide, right-click the slide summary and elect New slide. To produce a slide that’s identical to a being slide, right-click the slide summary in the left-hand panel and select a Duplicate slide.

To remove a slide click on the slide thumbnail that you wish to cancel, hit the DELETE key on your keyboard, or right-click and select Cancel.

Still, but don’t want to show it when presenting, you can hide it, If there’s a slide you want to keep in your sundeck. Right-click the slide summary and select Skip. The slide thumbnail will fade back. When you’re in present mode this slide will now no longer show. To skip a slide, right-click the summary and click to remove the crack next to Skip.

Understanding the Menu bar
The menu bar covers all the crucial functions you’ll need to get started erecting your donation. You’re likely to have come across numerous of these options before in other software programs, so we’ll focus on some of the further Google Slides-specific functionality below.

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Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft PowerPoint, virtual donation software developed by Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin for the American computer software company Forethought, Inc. The program, originally named Presenter, was released for the Apple Macintosh in 1987. In July of that time, the Microsoft Corporation, in its first significant software accession, bought the rights to PowerPoint for$ 14 million.

PowerPoint was designed to grease visual demonstrations for group donations in the business terrain. Donations are arranged as a series of collectively designed “ slides” that contain images, textbooks, or other objects. Version1.0 allowed druggies to induce textbook and plates runners for black-and-white handouts, notes, and overhead clarity. Version2.0, developed for both Macintosh and Microsoft’s Windows operating system, was upgraded to affair 35-mm color slides. The 1992 release of PowerPoint3.0 introduced the now-standard virtual slideshow. Posterior performances added further features slide transitions, background designs, vitality, plates, movie and sound clips, and AutoContent, which generates a donation template grounded on what information is to be conveyed. In 2003 the renamed Office PowerPoint reflected Microsoft’s emphasis on homogenizing the stoner interface and program functions across their suite of Office programs, which included Word (a word processor) and Excel (a spreadsheet program). PowerPoint is also available for mobile bias like smartphones and tablets in the iOS and Android operating systems.

Need to create and share a presentation? If so, you probably turn to the most popular presentation application in the world, PowerPoint, one of the core apps that make up Microsoft’s Office suite.

Microsoft sells Office under two models: Individuals and businesses can pay for the software license upfront and own it forever (what the company calls the “perpetual” version of the suite), or they can purchase an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 subscription, which means they have access to the software for only as long as they keep paying the subscription fee.

When you purchase a perpetual version of the suite — say, Office 2016 or Office 2019 — its applications will never get new features, whereas apps in an Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscription are continually updated with new features. ( For more details, see “What are the differences between Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365?” )

This cheat sheet gets you up to speed on the features that were introduced in PowerPoint 2016 and PowerPoint 2019, the perpetual-license versions of PowerPoint included with Office 2016 and Office 2019, respectively. In-Office 365/Microsoft 365, PowerPoint has all those features, plus several more. See our separate PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 cheat sheet to see all its latest features.

As in former performances of PowerPoint, if you want the commands underneath the tabs on the Ribbon to go down, press Ctrl-F1. To make them reappear, press Ctrl-F1 again. ( Note that the Strip tabs — Train, Home, Insert and so on — stay visible.)

You’ve got other options for displaying the Ribbon as well. To get to them, click the Ribbon Display Options icon at the top right of the screen, just to the leftism of the icons for minimizing and maximizing PowerPoint. A drop-down menu appears with these three options
Bus- hide Ribbon This hides the entire Ribbon, both the tabs and commands underneath them. To show the Ribbon again, click at the top of the PowerPoint.
Show Tabs This shows the tabs but hides the commands underneath them. It’s the same as pressing Ctrl-F1. To display the commands underneath the tabs when they’re hidden, press Ctrl-F1, click a tab, or click the Strip display icon and select “ Show Tabs and Commands.”
Show Tabs and Commands Opting this shows both tabs and commands.
And if for some reason that nice red color on the title bar is just too important for you, you can turn it white or argentine. (In PowerPoint 2019, there’s also a black option.) To do it, elect Train> Options> General. In the” Epitomize your dupe of Microsoft Office” section, click the down arrow next to Office Theme, and select Dark Gray or White (or Black) from the drop-down menu. To make the title bar red again, rather choose the” Various” option from the drop-down list. Just above the Office Theme menu is an Office Background drop-down menu — then you can choose to display a pattern similar to a circuit board or circles and stripes in the title bar.

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